In 1996, a group of European jewelers were approached by Robert Fish of Harry Winston to assist him with H. Winston's special projects. An agreement was reached between these jewelers that resulted in the creation of an atelier intended primarily as a fine jewelery design, sampling and production studio.That studio was called Tribeca Foundry.

Over the next 6 years, our atelier evolved to include fine accessories as part of our repertoire, attractig clients including Ralph Lauren and Ghurka. After years of being the source of countless collections, we decided that the time was right for us to finally create a collection for ourselves. Given the variety of work that has been covered in the past, we decided to settle on our one common passion.........cufflinks.

For years the conversation in the atelier was centered around cufflinks, not just any cufflinks but the early precious ones that were found on the sleeves of some of the most distinguished gentlemen of the first half of the 20th century. A time where creativity in the design of cufflinks was at it's peak as illustrated by the recent demand for cufflinks of that period.

The goal was simple. Focus the creativity of our atelier into cufflinks designs that are one-of-a-kind precious works of art. Gold, precious gemstones, exotic material and the finest workmanship are part of the mix and the result is the collection, ATELIER YOZU.

Atelier Yozu is situated in the Wall Street District of Manhattan. For the past 11 years, under the direction of master jeweler, Yuri Kolesov, the atelier has counted the following as clients:

In 2004, Robb Report awarded the distinction of Best Cufflinks manufacturer to the atelier for our first ever cufflink collection. Since then we've been focused on expanding the collection with our own distinctive designs. The designs we have are unlike anything that you will find out there, and the quality and workmanship is a throwback to the days of the early fine jewelry houses of Europe.

If you are looking for possibly the best fine cufflinks in the business, look no further.