As with any high end (high price) jewelry, it becomes a concern for any potential clients to make a decision prior to making a purchase without having the opportunity to inspect the item first. As such, this FAQ page was created with the hope of answering some of these concerns

Q: Where can I view your cufflinks?

A: Our studio is located in downtown Manhattan. If you are in the vicinity, we suggest you consider paying the atelier a visit (call first). It is well worth your time and it is quite an experience visiting a true fine jeweler's atelier. If you are not able to do so, we would be more than happy to send a sample set for your private viewing. This would require a credit card deposit, fully refundable upon return of the cufflinks, less shipping and insurance, of course. However, if a purchased is made, shipping and insurance will be reimbursed.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be completed?

A: As with any high price products, for the most part of it, we do not stock any cufflinks other than our sample sets. Each order is produced as it comes in and the turnaround time currently averages about 2 months. A 60% deposit is required when the order is placed and the balance will be required just before the cufflinks are shipped out.

Q: What makes your fine cufflinks special from the others?

A: With the exception of the casting of the precious metal, everything else is made in-house. If you look carefully, you will notice that other fine cufflinks (for the most part of it) share the same findings (backings, post, etc). All that is done is for the top to be finished and then assembled to the bottom, or in some cases, soldered to links that connects it to a replica back. That is not the case for ours; being true fine jewelers, we are extremely fussy about the quality, durability and the final completed piece. Our backs and posts are our own design and are assembled using pins and springs we've pulled in-house. What you get is a custom high quality cufflink back that is far superior to mass produced ones that are used by others.

Q: What am I getting when I purchase an Atelier Yozu cufflink?

A: What you get is possibly one of the finest cufflinks in the world, from the same hands that have produced some of the finest jewelry for the various major jewelers. Each piece constitutes the combination of the finest workmanship, the choicest precious stones, hand carved or polished exotic material and the most unique and creative design that appeals to the discerning man....or woman.

Q: What else can you tell me?

A: To date, we have not received a single return from the many cufflinks we have finished for our clients. That is a testament to our design, our quality and our customer service. We are here to ensure that you get the very best.

Own an Atelier Yozu cufflink with confidence!